Christian BoyérChristian Boyér has been enriching the lives of his clients through design for over thirty years. Focusing his expert eye on the sensitive niche of funeral homes, his work conveys the elegance and compassion of someone whose heart is at the emotional core of every project.

Boyér’s work is seamless and his vision is laser-like leaving no detail overlooked or need unattended. Business clients have achieved a competitive edge through his expertise. Every nuance from architecture to custom designed furniture and accessories are handled with the kind of professionalism rarely seen in current times. His work is intuitive and appropriate. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

“Funeral spaces demand a spiritual and tasteful aura as they are held in high esteem to serve a great cause. They represent much to our culture. In the United States many are in need of renovation to meet the challenges from new clients and to accommodate their rising demands for products and services. I am very sensitive to the needs and highly practiced in delivering the kind of atmospheric environment that is spiritually uplifting and hopeful.”

Christian Boyér

Publications and Awards:
Christian Boyer proudly displays 4 consecutive years of Better Business Bureau Certificates in recognition of perfect record status; no complaints filed for a period of 3 years.

The State of Massachusetts awarded Christian the People’s choice crystal trophy for the “Room to Dream Foundation’s” fundraiser for ill children. Rooms were redecorated for the sick children and their siblings.

Other charitable events: Women’s breast cancer; Humane Society of NH raising over $30K; Charitable Golf Tournaments, American Cancer Society’s Van Loan Preserve Designer Showcase, Community Caregivers & Community Health and Hospice and many more.
Christian is a member of the Boston Design Center.